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Image © Verena Stefanie Grotto

We heard Battle Hype.. we heard Battle Therapy and now Dot Rotten sends for Wiley “the grandad” (his words, not mine) in this ‘lard ah mercy’ of a reply, Pop Artist. This track is the reply most of the scene have been anticipating for quite some time, as this long running “rivalry” between Wiley and Dot Rotten continues in a spectacular lord of the mic’s style battle. The sends from Dot are countless and he draws for insults that have you screwing face, with a flow so swift it’s hard to imagine what’s coming next. But of course we all know what’s coming next, as Wiley has taken to twitter (and the Youtube video for Pop Artist it-self) to tell us all he is hitting the studio like steel and in no time at all, we should expect a madness of a reply. Well, madness it will most certainly have to be because with any musical justice, hopefully, this trivial battle for respect that both of these MC’s are currently engaged in will end on top form. I guess the wonder is, who will be the send of all senders and end the hype that’s got everyone muttering the question of all questions, who came hardest Wiley or Dot?…. only bars will tell.

thanks Lungi Lee for Kids Of Grime

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