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Mike Schreiber is a self-taught New York City photographer with a degree in antropology from the University of Connecticut. His work has been featured in Esquire, Rolling Stone, TRACE, New York magazine, VIBE, XXL, SLAM, SPIN and Arise. Schreiber has shot ad campaigns for Mountain Dew, AND-1, City Year and Partnership For A Drug-Free America. His other clients include Atlantic Records, Epic Records, Sony, Universal Records and Koch Records.

Schreiber’s work captures varied subject including entertainers, prisoners in Angola state prison and kids on the streets of Cuba. His humanistic approach to life is reflected in the full gallery of mostly black and white photographs. His photos capture the true essence of cultural life and perspective, resulting in an unparalleled aesthetic viewpoint that is refined yet undeniably honest in its raw and gritty tone.

Have a look what he thinks of his photography, of how internet affected the photography professional world and of course his experience in the great period of the gold HI HOP era

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