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Cory Kennedy is an American professional skateboarder.[1] Born in Seattle, Washington, Kennedy currently lives in Santa Monica, California. He started skateboarding at a young age, but first came to prominence after winning the “Bang Yo’self 2″ amateur video submission contest put on by noted skateboarding community The Berrics. In 2009 he finished in third place at “The Battle at the Berrics 2″ SKATE contest, losing to Paul Rodriguez. For the third place game, he defeated Torey Pudwill with a Nollie Cab Bigspin Flip. In 2010 he won the MVP award for Thrasher Magazines King of the Road contest. One year later he won the bob gnar award at King of the Road 2011 by Trasher Magazine with the best Lip trick; an Overcrooket Nollieflip out. In 2011 he turned pro on Girl skateboarding. In year 2012 the new Girl/Chocolate is coming out and Cory is acting in it. In 2010 Cory invented the ´´Merlin twist“, also known as a switch front foot impossible 180.

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