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After dropping the design of the new shoes of ADIDAS designed by the creative Jeremy Scott, loads of criticisms have followed accusing the designer and the brand of racism and “commercializing and making popular more than 200 years of human degradation” as civil rights activist Jesse Jackson affirmed.

The release of the shoes has been cancelled, further to all protests and complaints.
Most of the supporters and fans of the designer affirmed there is nothing bad about those shoes, and the ignorance that resides in some people is the actual degradation of human development and civilitation.

Jeremy Scott has been inspired by cartoons and toys more than once during his career, and these shoes were inpired in the My Pet Monster, a plush doll in orange handcuffs first released in 1986:

This was not the first shoe Scott has designed for adidas. The company has an entire Jeremy Scott collection featuring sneakers with unusual designs such as wings, leopard tails, even three tongues. Scott’s designs generally start at around $100. The now-cancelled JS Roundhouse Mids were planned to retail for $350.
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