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Iggy Azalea is the Australian hip hop recording artist, based in L.A. signed to Grand Hustle Records. The girl conquered the world thanks to her two videos, ‘PU$$Y’ and ‘My World’ which went viral on youtube last year. On 27 September 2011, Azalea released her first project, a mixtape titled ‘Ignorant Art’, saying she made it “with the intent to make people question and redefine old ideals”.
Queen of the hip hop scene and first ever australian female rapper she is conquering the world thanks to her lyrics, her swag and her sweet smile.
The busy artist finds a second in between her flights, travels, shows, and the time in studio working on her forthcoming EP ‘Glory’, dropping June 15, to chat a bit about herself with us.

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Hello Iggy, how are you today?
I’m good thank you a bit tired though.

What were you up to before doing this interview?

I’m on a flight right now to Chicago, I had a show last night in KC, so this is probably why I am a bit tired now.

You are australian, but you lived in several places in USA, when you moved there when you were only 16, before settling in L.A.
What are the positive and the negative facets of L.A.? We’d love to visit so let us know what’s good!

L.A. is wonderful, you should spend time everywhere BUT hollywood. You will love L.A.

We have been introduced Iggy Azalea the rapper through your mixtape IGNORANT ART and great videos… but WHO IS Amethyst Kelly? Are they similar people?

Iggy Azalea and Amethyst Kelly are exactly the same person with a different name.


How did working with T.I. happen? Did you just ask him to help you to dominate the world as you said during an interview at radio? [laughs]
No, he called me and asked me to be a part of Grand Hustle.

Who’s your biggest female inspiration besides your mom or your grandma?
I like all women who are pioneers in their own field.

Harsh criticism is inevitable in any creative industry but even more so within the music industry. You being a white, female rapper from Australia might automatically mean you’ll take the brunt of many blows. How do you deal with them?
Ignore them, understand that everything isn’t meant for everyone and move beyond it.

What’s the worst thing you remember that hurt the most and the best thing that kept you going?
Most hateful things just blur into one, the best thing is getting fans letters at shows. That’s what really makes me happy.

You didn’t get where you are just by being lucky. That’s something we respect and admire. Your tattoo says “trust your struggle”, have you always been positive and followed that motto or did you ever think, “I’m just gonna give up now” ?
No, I’ve never thought of giving up a day in my life. I’m not someone who quits things easily.

You confidently mix heaps of colour, bold prints and patterns with sexy cuts – using both high fashion designer pieces as well as high-street brands such as American Apparel, often throwing in your trademark TuPac tee with the sleeves cut off.
We think your style reflects all the different facets of your personality. How would you define your style in three words: ____ ____ ____

The New Classic


You have a big passion for the legendary rapper TUPAC, if you could ask him three things what would they be?

1) Will you marry me?
2) Who shot you?
3) Is God real?

Your EP ‘Glory’ is dropping in June, we cant wait! What can we expect from it?

My EP glory is dropping June 15 before the release of my album that actually drops late september.
You can expect my best and a middle ground sonically between ignorant art and glory from the album.

You often have crazy dreams, like swimming with dolphins that were saving you; what was the last crazy dream you had?
That I was addicted to cigarettes

What would your advice be to other girls trying to make it in such a tough industry?

Do you know anything about GRIME music, and the GRIME genre/culture?

No, I don’t know anything about it.

Any UK artists you follow/listen to?

Chip, he’s signed to Grandhustle like me and he is my play brother.

Our trademark question: Do you like pineapples?

Yes, I do.

Thank you very much for your time Iggy we really appreciate it.
Thank you guys

Interview: Verena Stefanie Grotto
Images via Acclaim magazine

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