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THEOTIS BEASLEY is a force in the international skateboarding scene. At the age of 21, Theo has already travelled around the world and skated the best spots from LA to China.
Sponsored by Nike SB, Vitamin Water, Baker, Thunder, Spitfire, Flik Griptape etc, he just joined the official Skullcandy Skate Team 2012, so we decided to jump on the opportunity and interview this amazing young talent with a big passion for the board.

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Hello hello Theo, can I call you Theo or should I say mister Theotis Beasley?
Mr. Theotis Beasley

Ok, let’s keep it professional, Who are you for the people that don’t know you?
I’m a 21 year old professional skateboarder from California.

I read an interview when you were saying that you just turned 18 and you didn’t want to be considered old; what was is like when you turned 18 and how did you celebrate it?
I had many thought in my head turning 18 – the fact you have more responsibilities and becoming independent than your family doing things for you as a kid.

During a trip in China you ate only fried rice and you couldn’t eat any fried squid, what is this reluctance to squid? Fish is good for athletes. Would you come and eat fish & chips with us at KOGworldwide when you’re in London? What else did you like about China apart from all the marble spots and the chicken and rice?
When I went to China I ate fried rice & MCDonalds because I knew I was used to that and wouldn’t get weirded out or sick. Everything else look nasty and I couldn’t get myself to try it, But I do like Catfish and Red Snapper that’s it and I’m willing to try it with everyone at KOGworldwide when I come out to London.

Ok, that’s good, we will be your guide and bring you to the best Fish&Chips place. Deal. As you are one of the lucky guys travelling around the world which one is your favourite place? And for skating?
Favorite place I have been I would say China and probably Paris. China has the best spots, marble everything and cops sit and enjoy watching you skate. The thing that we don’t have in LA. Paris had nice spots and I must say they have the best pasta.

Best pasta will come from Italians, trust me. But anyways, do you remember the first ever time you close a ollie?
First time I ever came close to doing a ollie had to be when I was in middle school living in Inglewood, probably somewhere in front of the house.

You’ve been in the skateboarding scene for ages now, how has the whole scene changed through the years since you started?
Skateboarding has changed a lot since I first started, for sure. A lot of things people can get sponsored by that don’t involve skating like Target, drink companies, cars, speakers etc. Also amazing skateparks that’s been getting made constantly that’s hand made and legit, because back then it was just whatever you could find. Also keep everyone out of trouble by doing something productive.

What’s the trick you close that made you feel the happier person in the world?
Maybe landing my first kickflip because it actually flips and it’s not just an average jump where it doesn’t turn.

Apart from skateboarding your other hobbies are basketball, football or videogames, are you actually good in that as much as skateboarding? And which one is the worst videogame you have ever played?
I can play basketball probably as good [as I skate], I would say, and I don’t have a worst game just yet I make sure I find a good one [laughs].

What would you be if you weren’t a skateboarder?
I probably would be a basketball player, that’s my second favorite thing also I’m a Lakers fan.

Lakers yeah? No surprise. Let’s talk about music, what’s in your iPod playlist?
2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Wale, J Cole, Tyler The Creator, Big Sean, Drake, Lil Wayne, Juicy J, Chris Brown, Meek Mill, Young Jeezy and Tyga, just to name a few.

What’s the music that gets you hyped while skating?
Rap and R&B.

What’s the hot shit (music-wise) at the moment in California?
Any Juicy J, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolbboy Q, 2 chainz, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wale, Drake, Tyga and Lil Wayne.

As we are kids of ‘GRIME’, have you ever heard of this genre?
I haven’t, I’m new to it all.

No probs, we will school you while having Fish&Chips.
As you have just joined the Skullcandy Skate Team, how you feeling about it? Have you got any favourite Skullcandy headphones?

It’s great, everyone is real cool. Company is damn right and they have me involved in a lot and the team is amazing with Koston, Malto and myself.

You are submerged by sponsors, which one is the one that you would love to add to your list?
Cologne sponsor & Apple.

Lets talk about girls,
Obviously you have some girls fans out there and let’s say it is not just about your kick flips, slides and 360s [laughs] have you got a girlfriend? And please don’t reply your board… I know how skateboarders are [laughs]

I had a girlfriend but I started to travel more frequently and she wasn’t seeing me like she wanted, so after talking it over we decided to be friends, in this way I can focus more on skateboarding and my career. We are still friends, but I will try dating again when the time is right.

Describe the perfect girl for you.
Great personality, dress nice, hair done, smells good, like to have fun, like me for who I am not what I have and a FREAK! [laughs].

Do you like Pineapples?
Yeah I like Pineapples

Any last word?
Thanks to all my fans and everyone over there that support me, my sponsors, my family and GOD!

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