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Founder of the ever so strong skateboarding brand DIAMOND SUPPLY CO., Nick Diamond sat down with the fellas from Hypebeast to talk about how the brand has grown in the past 14-plus years, connecting with supporters and how the skate scene has changed in the past ten years.

Can you talk about your current thoughts on the skate scene as a whole and how its changed in the past ten years?
It has actually changed quite a lot because there’s a lot of money involved now with actual pro skaters. When I was growing up and skating, pros were lucky to make 500 bucks a month, but now people have million dollar contracts. It has also changed a lot because all kinds of people are interested in skating now, all for different reasons. Before we skated because we were rebels, we didn’t care and we just want to skate. All our friends that we skated with got along well because they were social outcasts. Now it seems like everyone can be a skater and everyone wants to be a skater because they think they can be the next Paul Rodriguez. They think they can have this big house, nice cars and live the life of a professional basketball player or something. I think it’s awesome, it’s just different now but rad either way. Skateboarding is going to change regardless because people are always innovating.

Read the rest of the interview here.

WORDS: Bea Alessio [@BeaW12]

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