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You might have seen the PMF, also known as A$AP Rocky, and A$AP Mob endorsing the PIGALLE ‘steez’ at their shows or you might have been following the Paris-based brand from its first days in 2008, the truth is that PIGALLE is about to step its game up in streetwear and high-fashion… oh and wait there’s something for the party lovers too!

Brand owner, Stephan Ashpool, sat down with Joe La Puma from COMPLEX mag to discuss the future of PIGALLE and what Stephan himself has got lined up for his career alongside A$AP Rocky’s co-sign and Paris fashion.

A week ago we just opened another store in Paris called PIGALLE, Lsd Edition next to the new fashion museum (Cité de la Mode). The cloth selection, concept of the store and interior design is a totally new thing, I’m very happy with the result! Also, expect to see some basketball content with our day-one sports partner, Nike as well as upcoming street tournaments, redesigns and many other secret stories coming in the future.


Besides clothing, Charaf, my partner in crime, and I are taking over the Parisian nightlife with Le Pompon, and opening a new club is a priority now. You can expect PPP (PIGALLE/Pompon/Pain O choKolat) to keep Paris and Europe in the spotlight.

Read the rest of the interview on Complex.

WORDS: Bea Alessio [@BeaW12]

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