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KOG Worldwide’s friend and gifted producer, Rude Kid, has dropped a 30-minute mix on his Facebook page, anticipating the release of his forthcoming single ‘Get Busy’ featuring Skepta. As the public awaits for the official video release (a sneak peek of it appeared on his VEVO channel), the London-based producer blessed the children of bass music with half an hour of new Rude Kid’s production mixed with some G Tank, Faze Miyake and more.

Sweet !

The mix is available for free download on Rude Kid’s Facebook page in exchange of a ‘Like’.


1. Rude Kid ft Skepta – GetBusy
2. Faze Miyake – Gunpowder
3. Rude Kid – Outer Space
4. Rude Kid – What The Hell
5. Hizzle Guy & J da Flex – Goonflex
6. Rude Kid – Jet Lag
7. G Tank – George Bush
8. Rude Kid – Black Clouds
9. Rude Kid – Summer
10.Rude Kid – Echo
11.Deeco – Famalam
12.Rude Kid – UFO MODE
13.Faze Miyake – Reptile
14.Rude Kid – Flying UFO
15.Rude Kid – Ghosts
16.G Tank – M Bision
17.Rude Kid – Will Smith
18.Rude Kid – Snow Flake

‘Get Busy’ featuring Skepta is out on July 29th on SONY/Relentless. 

Keep up to date with Rude Kid on Twitter: @RudeKidMusic

WORDS: Bea Alessio [@BeaW12]



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