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We at KOG always like to meet the best.
This time we went down to a ‘secret location’ (not that secret though) to meet one of the legendary crews in the GRIME scene, ROLL DEEP!
Most of the members were there to answer to some of our questions, and talk about their most awaited mixtape out through SBtv on the 23rd of July 2012, NO COMMENT STAR.
Find out who is featuring in their mixtape, if they prefer Penguins or Dolphins.
Difficult to keep the things organized, the guys were pretty excited and a bit ‘rascals’-mood but our sweet and amazing interviewer Arri Hoover, thanks also to the help of Flowdan and Scratchy, handled it properly and got some interesting things out of it.

Interview: Arri Hoover @ArriHoover
Filmed and edited: Joe east @EastDYI_

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