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Every month we are happy to present you the TOP5 VIDEOS of the Month by some of your favourite brands, rappers, artists, models, etc etc.

We have seen the amazing TOP5 VIDEOS of June by MISHKA NYC, which featured some of their favourite music videos that came out in the month of June 2012.
This month, for July 2012 we asked the mastermind behind SKULLS NYC to do his own TOP5 Videos Of July. As we could have expected, Ivan does it different.
We have received a TOP5 of HIS favourite videos he found out in July which, fortunately or unfortunately, don’t have anything to do with music videos.

But as we like this TOP5 too much we decided to break the rules, that we don’t have, and post it for you.
Have fun!!!!!


Doze One, a rapper from Rhode Island sent me his latest vid rocking a SKULLS hat. Love how independent people put vids together and rock SKULLS. The song is dope too…

NUMBER 4: Shinya Aoki Highlights [HELLO JAPAN]

Shinya Aoki is one of my favorite jiujitsu and mma fighters ever. His thin complexion is not a problem to submit bigger guys. Can’t stop watching his highlights. Check how his legs look like made out of bendable plastic.

NUMBER 3: Spanish Miners Battle Police Over Austerity

The Spanish economy is sinking. Not only the economy but also the country itself. This video shows how the coal miners are fighting against police, riot police for their rights. It is a sad situation…

NUMBER 2: Captain America (1990)

“Captain America”, 1990. Epic. Just epic. How different a movie from 1990 and one from 2011 can look right? You can even watch the whole movie here. Amazing.

NUMBER 1: Gandhi 2

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