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Rival has been silent for a while, maybe because of thinking about quitting music as he says in this track. But fotunately for us he didn’t. Been one the ‘new’ MCs that made their name in the scene in 2010 that we preferred, Rival is still showing that he still about and he still delivering some nice tune to listen to, which actually tells stories, and do not just create a hype around him.
But what we wonder is, where’s all the anger he used to have? All his latest tracks have been more chill and deep. who cares. we like wat we hear, and obviously what we see.

Check out the new visuals for LATE NIGHTS, EARLY MORNINGS out 23rd of September.
And follow @JusRival for latest news.

Photography and words: Verena Stefanie Grotto @VerenaStefanie

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