Rick Ross Interview Stopped Because He Can’t Handle Hard Questions

Photo: Jessica Lehrman. Interview and words by Ernest Baker for VICE USA Part of me wants to feel like I’m reaching with that headline, but most of me knows that I’m not. The fact of the situation is that, during an interview with Rick Ross yesterday at the 40/40 Club in Manhattan, I brought up […]


Picture: William Coutts. Interviews and dates aren’t all that different, especially if, like me, you insist on only interviewing people that you have a massive crush on. Eventually, my editor suggested it might be safer for all parties involved if we just called the interview a date from the start. When I first heard that […]

KOG interviews GAVLYN

As we always like to bring you what’s new from every where in the world this week we want to introduce to all of ya who has been sleeping, GAVLYN, a young and beautiful female rapper who’s been rapping since 1996. She says she is inspired by old school 70′s funk and spoken word. Even […]


Our favourite DJ in London, Miss Siobhan Bell, just gained a magnificent feature on Noisey music for the sesh TOUCHING BASS. Read the interview and feature to know more about this girl. “It’s weird how the music industry works sometimes. One minute you’ll be in a Universal office staring at a large mural of Birdman, […]

KOG Interviews rapper PERRION

Who is Perrion? Tell about yourself to people who still do not know about you. If you don’t know by now, I’m a talented rapper/ producer/ visionary from Harlem, NY. You have a new mixtape out ‘From Perry w/Love’, why should people click on the link download it and listen to it? You should click […]


Since winning a MOBO in 2005 for Best Hip Hop act and being nominated for The Mercury Prize, Sway has kept it on the downlow while working out where to go next. The cousin of grime lunatic Lethal Bizzle, he beat Plan B and Dizzee to awards when he first hit the scene, and his […]

Meet: Denzel Curry by Lily Mercer #KOGMusicNews

My talented friend Lily is always at the top of the game and this time she took time to meet DENZEL CURRY, a rapper from Miami. Follow him @RavenxMiyagi and @LilyMercer on twitter click HERE to read the interview

DJ Cable x Sole Heaven // Kicks N’ Mixtape Vol. 15 // Free Download #KOGMusicNews

Fancy 60 minutes of straight hip-hop, grime, trap and bass music? Our friend DJ Cable has collaborated with online sneaker resort Sole Heaven to put together ‘Kicks N’ Mixtape Vol. 15′, featuring some head-top-turner tracks. With Bauuer‘s ‘Harlem Shake’ opening the dances, the mix includes the likes of TNGHT, A-Trak, G.O.O.D Music, Teeza, Champion, Faze […]

PIGALLE Owner Stephan Ashpool on the Future of the Brand #KOGNews

You might have seen the PMF, also known as A$AP Rocky, and A$AP Mob endorsing the PIGALLE ‘steez’ at their shows or you might have been following the Paris-based brand from its first days in 2008, the truth is that PIGALLE is about to step its game up in streetwear and high-fashion… oh and wait […]

KOG meets italian photographer Claudia Zalla #KOGInterviews

  As we at KOGworldwide are music lovers but also, as the most of you can understand, we are Photography lovers, for our Photographer interview series we caught up this time with italian photographer Claudia Zalla, who was one of the photographer who collaborated with 55DSL in their latest T-Shirts collection.   Check out the […]

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