Chrome Ball Incident x Scumco and Sons ‘Dollars, homeboy’ Skateboard Decks #SkateboardingKOGnews

While continuing the laudable work of scans carried out on site, the team Chrome Ball Incident presents a new colaboration with these two boards made ​​with the newly-founded company Scumco & Sons. Just as the Dunk High QS-2010, this time to characterize the release is a fine quote, with these graphics inspired by the opening […]

THRASHER ‘Santa Cruzing’ Edit Video #Skateboarding

THRASHER continues to support the renovated Santa Cruz team presenting a new mini-video material recently collected from pools and parks of the “Bay Area” California. “The Santa Cruz crew can rip anything. We hit the road for a few days, and the boys came through with a good ol’ shreddin’ time”. Loading the player …

RVCA: Olli Ilmonen’s New Clip #Skateboarding

RVCA presents another of his recent short clip with some sequences of one of his new team rider, and this is the time of the Finnish Olli Ilmonen.

Kingpin, carhartt & Emerica: ‘Set in Stone – Just The Skating’ #KOGSkateboarding

At the conclusion of the commendable project “Set In Stone”, dedicated to the generation of new skate-parks concrete DIY, Kingpin now has a nice video where the four spots are the backdrop for a bit of ‘violent’ skateboarding of each of their local crews. In case you didn’t want to hear everything those DIY guys […]

Holloway Launches Reclaimed Skateboard Eyewear #FashionKOGnews #Skateboarding

Yeah yeah yeah we are ready. The sun in coming out…and actually staying out for the whole day, warming us up for the next hype Spring Summer time 2012 coming. We couldn’t be more excited! So let’s talk about sunglasses, what a wonderful idea! As the trend of recycling and reusing skateboards continues to expand, […]

Alien Workshop ‘XRAY’ series #Skateboarding

When it comes to skateboarding we know it is not ONLY JUST about techiques and quality BUT it is also about CREATIVITY and DESIGN. So that’s why we are very happy to talk about this new fantastic collection of decks directly from Alien Workshop for this spring summer new series. The XRAY series consists of […]

THRASHER: ‘SOTY OZ TOUR’ #Skateboarding

THRASHER chose as Skateboarder of the year 2011 GRANT TAYLOR. To delete any doubt anyone could have had in ther mind regarding the WHYs would you have chosen Grant out of every skateboarder in the world, here we have a little video explaining it. Enjoy. Grant don’t talk much, so we decided to take some […]

THRASHER x Indipendent x BAKER Skateboards ‘BAKE & DESTROY’ Video Announcement #Skateboarding

Thrasher announces another big production skateboarding video coming soon. The astonishing work is coming from the collaboration on Indipendent Trucks, Emerica and other sponsered involved in the project. ‘BAKE & DESTROY’, is the full lenght video from the BAKER family, and is shaping up well from this little intro from the skaters themselves; it features […]

STEVE WILLIAMS Interview – 30 most influential skaters by TransworldTV #Skateboarding

We haven’t abbandoned one of our passions, and even it has been a while now, we are back with our news on the fantastic world we love most which is Skateboarding. Surfing the net in search of the most likely sweet news about the skateboarding scene we have bumped into this interesting interview with the […]

#Skateboarding LRG : Letting the KIDS Play Skate Commercial
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